Milestones of Achievement, has been producing high-quality walls and floor inlays for homes and businesses since 2001.

This upgrade, which often is a tenant improvement allowance, will be custom designed by our graphic designers, produced on our in-house machines. We guarantee delivery and installation within ten business days.

On top of that we go beyond the industry standards and provide a seven-year installation warranty and a lifetime LaserCarving warranty.

Walls   Floors

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LaserCarving is the process that Milestones of Achievement uses to permanently imprint any image on granite or marble.

A high-powered laser moves across the table at a very high speed and line by line it engraves the image in the material. Depending on the material and the application we can vary the laser’s speed and power to obtain different effects.

Once an image has been LaserCarved it is permanent. It is not possible to change or erase something. This durability makes LaserCarving the ideal process for walls and floors.

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