A birth, graduation, wedding, first home or retirement are often momentous changes in life. It is often difficult to express yourself with a gift that captures the importance of such an occasion.

Milestones of Achievement allows you to create your personalized Milestone with the picture and text of your choice. Our graphic designers will assist you with the layout and make sure that your Milestone is the perfect gift for your friends and family.

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We have four materials available for you

Vein-free Marble
Veined Marble
Green Marble
There are 9 different sizes you can choose from.
2"x12" 3"x4" 4"x4"
4"x6" 6"x6" 6"x8"



Obviously there are many different combinations possible and some of them will work better than others. Feel free to contact our sales department and after reviewing your picture, logo or text we will gladly give you our recommendation and send you proof of what your Milestone will actually look like.